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The rise of BHARAT AFFAIRS as India’s news channel within a short span of its existence owes a lot to the vision of its chairman and editor-in-chief chetan vats and the dedication and toil of its ever-growing team of bright news TV professionals.

CHETAN VATS co-founded BHARAT AFFAIRS in June, 2021 from a Narela, Delhi.

Independent News Service (BHARAT AFFAIRS)

In a short period, BHARAT AFFAIRS has created benchmarks in innovation, impact, ratings, time spends, and viewer-support. We have inspired talk shows on rival channels, Bollywood films, BBC documentaries and articles .

In today’s rampant me-too-ism, BHARAT AFFAIRS is, perhaps, the only Hindi news channel that is perceived as “courageous” and “different.

Chetan Vats is also Co-founder of,,

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